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About us

I was six years old and anxiously awaiting Christmas morning and hoping that Santa would bring a small doll sewing machine for me. It was my first sewing machine. I can't remember a time when I didn't love what I do. An idea comes to mind and out comes the fabric. I run my fingers across the fabric to feel the textures. Colors are laid out on the cutting table and an idea takes shape. I look at fabric as a canvas and am inspired by ideas.  

It is the goal of the One Only Store to give customers the highest quality individually designed products.  I want you to have the best quality goods available.

About Grace

I began feeding the cats behind the business where I worked for a number of years. One Monday morning when arriving at the office I found 3 tiny kittens less than a week old lying dead.  Their Mother had abandoned them and the other cats had killed them.  I began a search for any left alive. I found only one lying in a storage facility all alone. I reached down, picked her up, held her close, knew she was mine, and told her I would protect her always. Immediately, I was struck by the love and grace of God.  He searches for us.  He finds us all alone, reaches down, picks us up, holds us close, and tells he will be there for us always. I named her Grace and she is now nine years old.

The photograph at the top of this page was taken in the countryside a short ride from Lubbock.
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